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Center of Traditional Crafts of Ioannina

The beginning of the popular art of Ioannina is dated in the 150 century. The Turkish documents show that in 1430 the branch of silversmith was blooming. During the centuries,

there is evidence for the commercial activity and the exportation of the silversmith products

from the craftsmen of Ioannina to regions as Belgrade, Venice, Bucharest, Prague, Vienna,

even Skopje and Russia.

The Center of Traditional Craft-making of Ioannina (KEPAVI) targets the development, promotion and prominence of the silversmith products of Ioannina. For this purpose, was created and functioned as an exposition and a retail shop exclusively of the workshop products of the center. So, is given to the customers of the center the guarantee of the origin and quality of the products.

The visitors of the center can have a tour to the workshops of the center, to talk with the craftsmen and to watch the way of manufacturing the products in order to meet the known silverware of Ioannina.

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